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Specialised Imaging Ltd ultra-high speed imaging equipment has a proven track record of successfully unlocking the secrets behind ultra-high speed and transient events and processes.

Our growing product range of high resolution framing cameras, trajectory trackers, still cameras, image intensifiers and accessories open the door to exciting discoveries, ground breaking research and new measurement solutions in a wide range of applications areas.

Detailed below is a summary of application notes giving an overview of experiments undertaken using Specialised Imaging Ltd equipment. We welcome submission of results from users of our equipment for inclusion in this growing online resource.

Should you wish to know further details behind any of the featured application notes please contact us directly on or telephone +44-1442-827728.

Using the SIMD8 Ultra High Speed Framing Camera to record high explosive detonation.
3D Analysis of Ballistic Projectiles
Ultra-high speed recording of an armour piercing round exiting kevlar material.
Ultra-high speed recording of a detonator expansion
Ultra-high speed recording turning on a Dual Micro Bridge Wire Detonator
Schlieren Imaging of Shock Wave from Trigger Air Spark Gap.
High speed recording of micro-droplets hit with an ultrasound shockwave
Ultra-high speed pseudo-Schlieren imaging of a back-lit Bridge wire
Ultra-high speed imaging of a blast initiator
Investigating Hypervelocity Impact Phenomena using the SIM8 high speed camera.
Hypervelocity impact imaging of small projectiles travelling at 8 Km/sec.
Schlieren Imaging of Shock Wave from Micro Exploding Bride Wire.
Detonation of High Explosive Driven Liner.


The study of shock wave compression on polymers
Images at 50ns exposure running at a rate of 100,000fps. Courtesy - IIT Kanpur, India.
Plasma Injector
50ns gating at 4Mfps using SIM8. Courtesy - Plasma and Pulsed Power Group, Loughborough University.
Explosive event using the SIMD16. 20ns gating at 100Kfps.
Aeroballistics Studies
Image showing the Trajectory Tracker using three trigger to correct for non-linear flight characteristics. Courtesy - ISL, France.
Molten lead from air gun pellet striking harden steel. 200ns gating at 40Kfps using a SIM8.
Blast Initiator
50ns gating at 4Mfps using a SIM8. Courtesy - e2v Technologies
Developing lean burn engine technology
This video sequence demonstrates the utility of the SIL gated image intensifier system in improving the sensitivity, gating time and UV spectral response of a Phantom V high-speed video camera looking at fuel combustion in a test cell. Courtesy - Specialised Imaging Ltd & Kyoto University.
Study of the deployment of TOW missile during initial phase and mid-flight.
Courtesy: Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama.
Study of the deployment of TOW missile during initial phase and mid-flight.
Courtesy: Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama.
Aeroballistics study of a projectile in flight.
Courtesy: ISL - France.
Investigating crack propagation phenomena
This short video sequence demonstrates the utility of the SIM16 for investigation of crack propagation phenomena on ceramic. Courtesy - Specialised Imaging Ltd.
Modelling space probe flight behaviour
This video sequence shows a Huygens disc modelling the flight behaviour of a high speed space probe on re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere. Courtesy - ISL France.
High speed imaging in Sports Science
This video sequence demonstrates the use of a Trajectory Tracker being used to follow the flight of a fotball enabling the study of spin characteristics imparted by its design. Courtesy - Loughborough University (UK), Dept. of Sports Science.


The study of shock wave compression on polymers
Blast Initiator
Pyrex under compression
Impact on Pyrex
16 image sequence of water vapour excited with 10ns laser pulse.
Effect of ultrasonic waves on bubbles
Crack propagation on an impacted lightbulb using SIM-D8
40mm sabot round using SIR2 and a 45 degree mirror to show head-on and side-0n separation views
Screenshot of Trajectory Tracker 3D software for ballistics analysis
Proving shot to show sabot separation from a 40mm APFSDS round
Double shot image of a 120mm round using the SIR2 in available light (500nsec exposure)
Shadowgraph image showing mach angle of shock wave from a supersonic 7.62mm rifle bullet
4 image sequence of blast cap detonation
A 16-frame sequence showing the fragmentation of the glass envelope of a light bulb using the SIM802
Study of golf ball deformation to aid in the development of new generation golf clubs
7.62mm rifle round. Camera exposure time - 500ns
Airgun pellet impacting plasticine. The internal trigger delay was adjusted so that we could observe the exit spread pattern
Double exposure of an airgun pellet impacting a matchstick. Velocity and angular measurement can be made from this image
Airgun pellet impacting on a mint. The internal trigger delay was adjusted so that we can observe the crack propagation of the mint on impact