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There is an ever-increasing need for repairs to digital cameras and associated accessories that generates a problem of finding qualified engineers to undertake this work. Specialised Imaging is a new innovative company, founded by experts with many years experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of ultra fast camera systems for the world's leading manufacturer. It is our mission to design and develop innovative high-speed digital imaging systems but at the same time provide a repair service that will include cameras from other manufacturers.

These can include single or multiple image cameras with or without intensifiers. We can also extend this service to older analogue cameras of which there are still many in use.

As the result of rapid changes in the electronics field, it is sometime difficult to source replacement parts for older cameras, if this situation arises we are in a position to upgrade the existing unit but still retain much of the original camera so keeping costs to a minimum. This strategy has resulted from the modular configuration of the cameras that we produce allowing the latest components to be readily integrated into older designs.

Key Benefits

  • Allows repair or refurbishment of a faulty camera.
  • Can dramatically reduce costs when compared to replacement.
  • Allows the integration of the latest technology and can improve operational performance.
  • Optional software can improve data collection from archived images.
  • Offers peace of mind by providing an additional period of warranty.


Specialised Imaging have developed their entire range of high speed cameras in modular form. This makes it possible to mix-and-match different elements to build a virtually new camera.

Instead of spending time and money on repairing an existing camera (and then worrying about it's reliability and obsolete components), Specialised Imaging can upgrade existing Digital camera systems (even from other manufacturers) to provide much improved performance at a much lower cost than buying a completely new camera.

Key Benefits

  • Latest imaging engines.
  • Latest control engines, using industrial-standard 100TX/FX Ethernet.
  • Reduce cost by using existing intensifier (if intensifier is operational) or improve performance by replacing.
  • Reduce cost by using existing optical interfaces (some sensors need reduced optics from the intensifier to the CCD).
  • Control software will be W2K, XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible and because we are using Ethernet the control system can be executed on a laptop.
  • Camera will enjoy a full 1 year support and appropriate warranty on all new parts.

Latest News

Specialised Imaging Ltd. Wins Queen's Award for Enterprise : Innovation 2016

Specialised Imaging Ltd. has today been named as a winner of the UK's most prestigious accolade for business success - The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2016.

This award, which also acknowleges the sustained growth in export sales for this product over recent years, recognises the company for its innovation in the development of the Kirana ultra high-speed video... Read More