Image Systems - Software

TEMA and TrackEye are the world’s leading software packages for advanced motion analysis.

Starting with digital image sequences, the operator uses TEMA or TrackEye to track objects in images, make analysis of the movement, and present results in tables and graphs. The flexible windows-based user interface of TEMA makes it fast and easy to find the best setup for your application, while more advanced users will find the icon-based, higher-level detail of TrackEye to be better suited for analysis intricacies.

The User Interface for both TEMA and TrackEye is fully synchronized, with changes of parameters or setup directly affecting all parts of the tracking session, updating results, graphs and tables. Both TEMA and TrackEye offer extensive calculation and analysis features, including 2D, 3D, 6D, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) in 2D and stereo, and 3D CAD model integration.

TEMA is designed for use with fixed-camera setups, while TrackEye encompasses all forms of fixed and moving sensors, tracking mounts, video decoding and custom integration. Smaller scale analysis versions of these platforms are available for specific testing, most notably the Projectile Orientation Measurement (POM) system, used for near-instantaneous measurement of 3D position, pitch and yaw, of projectiles at a specific section of flight.


3D CAD Model implementation, Stereo and 2D Digital Image Correlation, Mirror Tracker and Tracking Mount analysis, Lens Calibration and Correction.


A more advanced version of TEMA, including integration for specialised equipment, TrackEye offers the full spectrum of motion analysis solutions.

TRAPPS Software

TrackEye Apps offer a focused solution of TrackEye functionality for analysis of single test events. With the same functionality of TrackEye, users can learn how to use a TrApp in minutes, allowing widespread use and understanding.