KIRANA7M High-Speed Video Camera Review

Launched in 2019, Specialised Imaging’s KIRANA ultra-high-speed (UHS) video camera retains the triggering flexibility of high-speed video cameras with the capability of frame rates closer to ultra-high-speed framing cameras. How does it compare to high speed video cameras in terms of performance, ease of use and applications?


The KIRANA7M enables researchers to capture up to 180 consecutive high-resolution images at frame rates of up to 7 million frames per second (fps) and exposure times as low as 50 nanoseconds versus the majority of high-speed video cameras, which operate with comparable resolution around 10,000fps to 35,000fps and exposure times down to 160nS. The KIRANA 7M’s 924 x 768-pixel resolution is maintained at all frame rates and exposure times, enabling it to uniquely achieve high spatial and temporal resolution.

Ease of use

Feedback from early adopters suggests that the KIRNANA7M is far less daunting to operate than traditional framing cameras. It has intuitive software that controls all camera functions and full remote operation via Ethernet connectivity for simple integration into almost any environment. All KIRANA models have a rigid Nikon lens mounting with aperture adjustment as standard making them extremely versatile.

The built-in real-time velocity trap, which is a standard feature of the KIRANA camera system, offers accurate and consistent triggering even with varying projectile velocities, significantly reducing the likelihood of missing extremely fast events. KIRANA can also be recording into a recirculating memory buffer as a high-speed video camera does allowing pre and post event triggering.

KIRANA7M provides output signals for synchronisation with various illumination sources, including frame synchronising with an external device such as another KIRANA or laser.

The KIRANA7M head is compact, measuring 22.8cm x 42cm x 19cm (without lens), and rugged, making it suitable for tests which must be carried out outside a laboratory setting as well as those within.


The KIRNANA7M has already demonstrated its capabilities in tracking materials research, digital image correlation, fuel spray injectors, detonics and invitro ultra-sonic drug applications.

The KIRNANA7M represents the ultimate high-speed video camera, combining the triggering flexibility of high-speed video cameras with greater resolution at megahertz capture speeds. It has the operational flexibility to deliver impressive slow-motion video images for almost any scientific research application.