Free Webinar: Tracking Flying Targets using New Generation of Trajectory Trackers & High-Speed IR Cameras

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

10:00 AM (EDT) | 15:00 (BST)

Tracking flying targets and measuring their dynamic parameters is of growing interest for space scientist and army as well as sport scientist.

Specialised Imaging designs and manufactures high performance trajectory tracking platforms for high-speed video cameras, including the award winning, comprehensive Tracker2 high-speed linear tracker system.

Tracking a flying target over a distance allows the measurement of its surface temperature to gain insight into the heat exchange dynamics with its surrounding environment. This is very important, for assessing the performances of materials for the fabrication of bombs, cannons, as well as thermal protection systems used by planetary-entry and Earth-return missions.

In this work, Telops high-speed infrared cameras and a Specialised Imaging Tracker2 trajectory tracker were used to track a space re-entry probe at supersonic velocities and measure its in-flight heat transfer with the surrounding atmosphere.

Physical phenomena such as shock waves were successfully captured by the IR camera and the interaction between the probe and the shock waves were studied.

The unique features of Telops IR cameras combined with Specialised Imaging's Tracker2 make them the perfect investigation tools to bring the ballistic tracking and research to the next level.

Join the 30 minute webinar to find out how.

See the Recording of the Webinar on YouTube below: