New Strategic partnership with IO Industries Inc.

Temecula CA, (November 10,2023) Specialised Imaging, Inc. USA today announced it has entered a strategic partnership with IO Industries Inc. out of London, Ontario Canada to expand our product offering deeper into the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and the Aerospace community. This partnership with IO Industries will provide a more complete range of products and services to support our Test and Evaluation customers with

high-resolution, high-speed cameras, DVRs, and Real-time synchronized recording. This relationship will also help bring Specialised Imaging into a position to attract a broader range of customers and increase its market share to sell its products while expanding and supporting existing IOI customers.

Specialised Imaging is known world-wide for its best of breed ultra-high-speed Imaging products such as SIMX, SIMD, Kirana, Streak Cameras, and Trajectory Trackers. "We are very excited to work with IO Industries," said

Peter C Laurence, CEO, Specialised Imaging, Inc. USA. "Teaming up with IO Industries to provide a broader range of products that are complementary to ours will enable us to expand our customer base over the next few years."

"IO Industries will be a great partner and this agreement exemplifies their dedication to Specialised Imaging and reflects their desire to collaborate with an organization that shares a similar vision in developing, manufacturing and delivering quality products with unmatched customer service and unique technical skill sets to solve a wide range of imaging challenges.

IO Industries’ long-duration DVR Express video recorders have been popularly used by researchers in Aerospace and Defense for over 20 years. With a series of new product announcements planned for the final months of 2023, IO Industries will introduce a new generation of DVR, with lossless recording capabilities able to match the surging data rates of the latest high-speed/high-resolution cameras.

“New technologies such as Coaxpress 2.0 over Fiber, PCI Express NVMe SSD’s, faster and higher density NAND flash and H.265 4K video encoding over LAN, are the basic building blocks of these new recorders,” said Andrew Sharpe, President of IO Industries Inc., adding “How else could you losslessly record a camera with 8x 12.5Gb fiber outputs for 1 hour while broadcasting a scaled 4K live video feed over the test facility’s LAN?”.

The partnership with Specialised Imaging will allow both companies to broaden their customer base. “It’s one thing to have an industry leading technology but creating market awareness is the vital next step. By combining our efforts with Specialised Imaging, the leader in ultra-high-speed imaging, we see great potential for cross-promotion of our product lines, building our respective brands,” said Andrew Sharpe.

About IO Industries

IO Industries Inc. (IOI), established in 1991, based in Canada, designs high-performance video recorders used by researchers in Aerospace and Defense. The company also designs specialty video cameras used in broadcast sports, cinema and VFX.

IOI’s engineering team is dedicated to continuous innovation. IOI’s lossless video recording technology is unrivaled in performance. IOI is the worldwide leader in camera technology designed for the VFX applications of Volumetric Video Capture and 4D Face/Body Scanning.