Multiple Head Camera System Provides Detailed 3D Analysis

Specialised Imaging, in conjunction with Image Systems AB, made a presentation at the recent SEM 2012 conference, demonstrating a 3D pitch, yaw and velocity solution using the SIM Cerberus system for the study of projectile ballistics.

A dual head SIM Cerberus system, was arranged in an orthogonal set-up, capturing 4 images of a high-speed projectile in flight. Each of the images (resolution 1360x1024 at 12bits) was captured using a 50ns exposure, and the separation between each image pair was 10µS. The image data was loaded into Image Systems TEMA Software to calculate 3D positional data, velocity, pitch and yaw.

The new SIM Cerberus system from Specialised Imaging can control up to 32 individual ICCD cameras, at framing rates up to 200 Million fps. The Intensified CCD in the Cerberus Camera Head can be gated down to 5ns, and can produce up to 4000X light gain maintaining very high sensitivity. The SIM Cerberus heads can be arranged in a cluster for typical Cine Flash X-ray applications or orthogonal stations for 3D DIC and PIV applications.

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