Robust General Purpose Optical Trigger

Specialised Imaging Ltd. have announced an Optical Trigger that can be used as a general purpose optical detector that detects either a very bright flash of light or a object moving across it field of view.

Robustly designed, the OT-2 Optical Trigger is aimed at the outdoor market and has already been proven in service with a growing number of North American proofing ranges. Employing the combination of a unique multi-segment photodiode array coupled with both high and low pass filtering results in a highly reliable triger that is sensitive from 300nm to 700nm.

The OT-2 Optical trigger is battery driven so is immune from electrical noises produced when a gun is fired or other high voltage instrumentation is triggered. Unlike a traditional skyscreen or muzzle flash detector it has a viewfinder that allows the user to accurately focus on the point of the bright flash or where the projectile/object passes it active area, allowing for more accurate and less false triggering. Providing reliable detection of projectiles greater than 0.70mm in diameter the OT-2 Optical trigger offers the option of interchangable objective lenses to ensure at least 1/20 obscuration of the field of view.

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