SIM Cameras now optimised for Ultra High-Speed Multispectral Imaging

Specialised Imaging’s latest version of the SIM ultra high-speed framing camera is making multispectral imaging simpler with the option of user interchangeable filters.

Specialised Imaging is continually evolving its products to meet new and challenging requirements. In response to increased requests, the latest evolution in the SIM cameras makes it simple to interchange standard size filters for multispectral imaging - capturing different wavelengths on each channel. Multispectral imaging was possible on previous SIM models, but the new SIM design simplifies the user exchange of filters for all channels.

This evolutionary step in the SIM camera design was driven by requests in the field of energetic materials research. Using filters in a camera allows researchers to obtain spectral, spatial and temporal information for comparing different energetic materials by focussing on the different spectral signatures. The nature of energetic materials mean you need an ultra-fast, light sensitive camera that can respond to a broad range of wavelength to provide a flexible solution for this and other applications.

Users can now easily interchange filters on all eight channels. The SIMX camera captures one high resolution image per channel, offering the potential to capture 8 mono/filtered images and potentially two monochrome and two full colour images using red, green & blue filters. Similarly, the SIMD camera captures two images on each of its eight channels, offering the capacity to capture 16 mono/filtered images, or four mono and four full colour images. By responding to our customer input and requests, this capability expansion of the SIM cameras continues to support new and novel applications for the advancement of research.