Triggering Systems for Fast Events

Specialised Imaging is a leading supplier of high performance triggering systems that enable capture of high quality images from ultra-fast events.

High-speed imaging can be challenging to users more familiar with high-speed video cameras. To accurately capture fleeting images of a high speed event requires a means of triggering the camera and flash unit more accurately and typically to within a few microseconds.

Robustly designed, the highly reliable OT-3 Optical Trigger is proven on ballistic proofing ranges worldwide as both a flash detector to trigger cameras or tracker systems, and as a projectile “movement” detector when measuring velocity. The OT-3 employs an array of twelve diodes with a 700nm cut-off filter to limit the spectral response range between 300 to 700nm. This reduces the likelihood of saturatation from high IR sources, such as clouds when being used as a vertically viewing “skyscreen” trigger. The OT-3 Optical trigger is battery powered to make the system portable, minimise cabling and eliminate the risk of false triggering from mains borne noise.

To simplify a velocity measurement or projectile position detection the Specialised Imaging SST1 is a reliable optical “skyscreen” style trigger when used with an SI Tracker, Velocity trap or similar systems.

Pressure waves from explosions or a projectile bow shock wave can be detected by the Specialised Imaging SI-AT1, which is a reliable and inherently robust acoustic trigger for high speed video cameras or rate of fire measurement.

The OT3, SST1 and AT1 triggers from Specialised Imaging are compact, battery powered units housed within rugged enclosures so they can be used outside in all weathers and independent of mains power for up to 8 hours. These trigger solutions include a mains charger.